(500) Days of Photographs: Day 112 – iPhone Friday

9 June 2013

Fantastic picture. Still living…


Irish Welcome

iPhone 0120052013


A couple of days spent in Ireland for work this week, and, for the first time in the four years I have been going there, there was not a drop of rain in sight! That made for a nice wander, and a return visit to the chapel at Athlumney. While there was no rain, the spring flowers were out at long last, which gave an even prettier edge to the place.

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15 May 2013

Lovely pink roses…

Schelley Cassidy Photography


Delicate petals grace my pink knockout roses. (Two pictures)


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Messiah – Oratorio by Handel

22 March 2013



[George Frideric Handel Messiah, Oratorio, 1741]

[The Academy of Ancient Music, The Choir of Westminster Abbey, Christopher Hogwood (conductor), Simon Preston (organist), Judith Nelson, Emma Kirkby, Carolyn Watkinson, Paul Elliott, David Thomas, 1982]


Rose meditating

11 March 2013


Salvador Dali "Rosa meditativa", 1958


Rose meditating smell of love

flourishing in trembling delight

flies up to sky…


[picture: Salvador Dali Rosa meditativa, 1958]

[poetry © Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2012]


Dancing out of time

21 February 2013


We look in our eyes

so close

unable to break

dancing out of time

in blue sky



[poetry © Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2006]


Blue dream

16 February 2013


Krzysztof Alexandrowicz "Blue dream", 2013


[photo © Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2013]


I will create you

16 February 2013


I will create you

carve in white marble

from feet to a veil

and polish mouth

until you will smile

ready to fly in blue sky

and spread wings –

then I will knock off a pedestal…


[poetry © Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2006]


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