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22 June 2013

Beauty and joy of living

Abigail Thompson Photography

A couple of weeks ago I went home with Scott (the boyfriend) to meet his parents for the first time. His parents have a big, beautiful farm in central Kansas, and even though we have been there a few times now I still haven’t even scratched the surface of what I would like to photograph there. Here is a small sampling of images that I shot over the past few visits.

They are surrounded by seemingly endless, gorgeous wheat fields. I have a small obsession with them I have realized. In the spring they are a stunning green, and then come summer they turn an amazingly rich gold. The texture is awesome for photographs, and watching as well as listening to a wheat field in the wind has to be one of the best things ever.




They have lots of animals on their farm, though I haven’t photographed most of…

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Floating wreaths on Dunajec at the shortest night

22 June 2013


Krzysztof Alexandrowicz "Floating wreaths on Dunajec at the shortest night", 2002


[Pieniny, photo © Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2002]


(500) Days of Photographs: Day 112 – iPhone Friday

9 June 2013

Fantastic picture. Still living…


Irish Welcome

iPhone 0120052013


A couple of days spent in Ireland for work this week, and, for the first time in the four years I have been going there, there was not a drop of rain in sight! That made for a nice wander, and a return visit to the chapel at Athlumney. While there was no rain, the spring flowers were out at long last, which gave an even prettier edge to the place.

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Kayak rafting on Dunajec

31 May 2013


Piotr Rayski-Pawlik "Kayak rafting on Dunajec", 2013


[Nowy Targ, photo © Piotr Rayski-Pawlik, 2013]



15 May 2013

Lovely pink roses…

Schelley Cassidy Photography


Delicate petals grace my pink knockout roses. (Two pictures)


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Spring joy

12 May 2013


Kevin Staff "Spring joy", 2013


[photo © Kevin Staff, 2013]


Flourishing chestnuts

4 May 2013


Krzysztof Alexandrowicz "Flourishing chestnuts", 2013


[photo © Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2013]


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