They don’t care about us – Michael Jackson

14 June 2013



[Michael Jackson They Don’t Care About Us © MJJ Productions, 1996]



Addicted to you – Shakira

11 May 2013



[Shakira Addicted To You © Sony Music, 2012]


Like a Moment from Midsummer Murders

3 May 2013


In yesterdays post I mentioned how I had been up very early in the morning and went to watch the Morris Dancers welcoming the sun as it rose in the morning for May day, the official first day of Spring in England.  It was a very early morning and I considered not going, but I am glad I did.

Sunrise All AroundLook at the sunrise, and hopefully you can see the dancers in front.  It was so amazing.  Why doesn’t that happen when I go out to take photos of water?

Photographing the dancers was so hard, I couldn’t get both, the dancers and the sunrise, so I had to content myself with one or the other.  I tried doing some HDR shots, but with the low light and movement, it was not happening.

DancingThe dancers were wearing wonderful bright costumes, but when I got the exposure right for them, I lost…

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9 April 2013

Nicholas O'Neill

Cats and peoples alike have had a relatively quiet post-Easter chez O’Neill, although we (the peoples, not the cats) were guests at a wonderful gathering on Sunday evening which tipped over the line into Monday morning, and put a festive end to what had been a long and mildly stressful day, fighting with alarm clocks, performances, misprints in service sheets and the like.

Monday was a significant day in this household, as well as being a Bank Holiday, so I downed tools and headed out to sit by the river in Kingston before returning home and being ever so lazy, something I very much enjoyed.  This morning, however, I am back at the writing desk, putting extra flourishes, phrasing, articulation and dynamics into my latest arrangement, which is now in its very final phases.

I have had a couple of rejections from competitions in the past few days, one of…

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Messiah – Oratorio by Handel

22 March 2013



[George Frideric Handel Messiah, Oratorio, 1741]

[The Academy of Ancient Music, The Choir of Westminster Abbey, Christopher Hogwood (conductor), Simon Preston (organist), Judith Nelson, Emma Kirkby, Carolyn Watkinson, Paul Elliott, David Thomas, 1982]


Harlem Shake on a plane

22 February 2013



[Harlem Shake, Baauer, February 15, 2013]


Black magic woman – Santana

12 February 2013



[Santana Black Magic Woman, Concert (ft. Peter Green) live, 1998]


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