16 May 2012


Kevin Staff "iCat playing with iPad", 2012


Virtual distractions and jokes

pleasures of future living…


[animation © Kevin Staff, 2012]



Mona Lisa – gravatar

1 March 2012


Mona Lisa - gravatar


Creating gravatar is an art

of portrait composition…


[Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa, 1503-6, detail]


Comet Lovejoy

12 February 2012


Kevin Staff "Comet Lovejoy", 2011


What can we see on heaven?

Commander Dan Burbank in the International Space Station captured spectacular imagery of Comet Lovejoy as seen from about 240 miles above the Earth’s horizon, on Dec. 21, 2011


[Reel NASA, animation © Kevin Staff, 2011]

[published in / Blog, 2011]


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