Impressed with nature – Claude Monet

8 June 2013


Claude Monet "Woman in the garden" (Sainte-Adresse), 1867


[picture: Claude Monet Woman in the garden (Sainte-Adresse), 1867]




5 June 2013

Shawn L. Bird

I am here

to listen.

I want to savour each word

of the story you create

to make meaning of the world.

I am here

to listen.

I want your words to come

clear on the air

to my ear,

each one a gift.

I want to listen

So speak your passion

in whispers and shouts




like leaves in fall

wisked away by wind.

I want to capture each one

so your story

becomes part of my story,

so I can raise my voice

sing my song,

tell my tale.

We share together:

I am;




Tonight I was at the Shuswap Association of Writers Coffee House, presented annually in conjunction with Word on the Lake Festival of Readers and Writers.  I heard some amazing writers and poets read, some were easier to appreciate than others.  I like when the poet savours his/her words, and…

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Do I know you a young woman?

15 May 2013


With flowers in windblown hair

dancing so smoothly among columns

in lights of sun waking up sea

do I know you a young woman?

and your smile

Greek goddess…


[poetry © Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2006]


artist date # 3: creating the perfect workspace

9 March 2013

At our old apartment my workspace was lacking. Translation- I had no workspace. I mostly worked sitting indian style on the living room couch with a pillow propped on my lap as my desk and my computer on top. It wasn’t the most ideal situation for a person who works out of their home half the time (by the way I realize I have never told you what I do for a living other than write and blog! So odd! I promise to write a post about it soon). Luckily our new home has a second bedroom and considering we don’t have kids and don’t have sleepover guests often we decided to make it a joint workspace. Dream come true!

I’ve had such fun daydreaming about how I wanted to decorate my workspace- one that is both functional and inspiring to work in. Inspiration photos I pinned:

office 4

office 2

office 5

office 7

As you…

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9 March 2013


Salvador Dali "Meditation on the harp", 1932-4


Allusions intrigues and rumours –

desires! and lovely tickles ~


[picture: Salvador Dali Meditation on the harp, 1932-4]

[poetry © Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2011]


Words press upon page; Light to kiss… ~a poem by Linda Willows

24 February 2013

Thank you for your inspiring and touching heart poetry…


Words press upon, page Light to kiss…
as sweet motions that set, this my heart forth in bliss.
Dancing between all the notes that set free
some poet, ago…one that wandered like me.

Hours bless the days with whispers of prose
as I walk in a garden of Winds graced with Rose.
Let me soft speak, even sing in a hushed tone,
some few hallowed words from this Godly Roam.

Leave me and find me, all comes Home now.
I am in the dear fold, of the Lord of the Vow.
Words press upon page Light to kiss…
We each live amongst such Almighty bliss.

©2013; republish 2016 Linda Willows

Photograph by Ludmilla NG

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Lovely woman of artists

29 November 2012


Sandro Botticelli "Simonetta Vespucci", 1486


La bella Simonetta Vespucci

love of Sandro Botticelli…

[picture: Sandro Botticelli The birth of Venus, 1486, detail]


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