Impressed with nature – Claude Monet

8 June 2013


Claude Monet "Woman in the garden" (Sainte-Adresse), 1867


[picture: Claude Monet Woman in the garden (Sainte-Adresse), 1867]




5 June 2013

Shawn L. Bird

I am here

to listen.

I want to savour each word

of the story you create

to make meaning of the world.

I am here

to listen.

I want your words to come

clear on the air

to my ear,

each one a gift.

I want to listen

So speak your passion

in whispers and shouts




like leaves in fall

wisked away by wind.

I want to capture each one

so your story

becomes part of my story,

so I can raise my voice

sing my song,

tell my tale.

We share together:

I am;




Tonight I was at the Shuswap Association of Writers Coffee House, presented annually in conjunction with Word on the Lake Festival of Readers and Writers.  I heard some amazing writers and poets read, some were easier to appreciate than others.  I like when the poet savours his/her words, and…

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Kayak rafting on Dunajec

31 May 2013


Piotr Rayski-Pawlik "Kayak rafting on Dunajec", 2013


[Nowy Targ, photo © Piotr Rayski-Pawlik, 2013]



26 May 2013













blood ~

operation on beating heart








wake up




[poetry © Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2011]


Traditions, Hypocrisy, Comfort and Birds….huh???

24 May 2013

Culture Monk

by Kenneth Justice

~Yesterday a kind reader compared me to Mr. Rogers, the man who wore cardigans a little bit well past the point they stopped being popular.

I appreciated the reader’s sentiment.

I often talk about the psychological observation that ‘humans are social people’

But there is another well known psychological phenomena about humans;

we love traditions

For some the ‘big’ traditions of holidays are a passion;

-) decorating the house for holidays

-) painting Easter Eggs

-) dressing up for Halloween

-) going to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve

Then there are all those ‘little’ traditions we love;

-) going back to that little Ice Cream Shoppe that our father took us to when we were a child

-) some people vacation in the same locale year-after-year

-) going to the same coffee shop each morning

-) clothes shopping at a few stores ‘we’ve grown to love’

-) going for…

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15 May 2013

Lovely pink roses…

Schelley Cassidy Photography


Delicate petals grace my pink knockout roses. (Two pictures)


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Do I know you a young woman?

15 May 2013


With flowers in windblown hair

dancing so smoothly among columns

in lights of sun waking up sea

do I know you a young woman?

and your smile

Greek goddess…


[poetry © Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2006]


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