Traditions, Hypocrisy, Comfort and Birds….huh???

Culture Monk

by Kenneth Justice

~Yesterday a kind reader compared me to Mr. Rogers, the man who wore cardigans a little bit well past the point they stopped being popular.

I appreciated the reader’s sentiment.

I often talk about the psychological observation that ‘humans are social people’

But there is another well known psychological phenomena about humans;

we love traditions

For some the ‘big’ traditions of holidays are a passion;

-) decorating the house for holidays

-) painting Easter Eggs

-) dressing up for Halloween

-) going to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve

Then there are all those ‘little’ traditions we love;

-) going back to that little Ice Cream Shoppe that our father took us to when we were a child

-) some people vacation in the same locale year-after-year

-) going to the same coffee shop each morning

-) clothes shopping at a few stores ‘we’ve grown to love’

-) going for…

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