All waking up to life!


Jennifer Luzio "Spring butterfly", 2011


Spring. Beautiful season and happy…

All waking up to life!

Open your eyes…

You will see beauty of the world in spring and in any season, in sun and in rain, day and night.

Open your ears…

You will hear beauty of birds’ singing, burble of wind, Gregorian chants, silence.

Open your heart…

You will smell beauty of feelings, will to evolve and joy of life.

This sensitivity to beauty disappears in closed places dark or brightly lighted, in continuous noise of microphones, loudspeakers, electronic tunes, in crowd of people without faces.

But in spring in sun you can arouse it. And find happiness…


[© Krzysztof Alexandrowicz, 2009]

[photo © Jennifer Luzio, 2011]

[published in / Blog, 2011]



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